Fisher Investments Reviews the Utilities Sector

Editorial Review from the Back Cover

This seventh installment of the Fisher Investments On series is a comprehensive guide to the Utilities industry. Fisher Investments on Utilities reviews companies like Duke Energy, Iberdrola, and Exelon, to name just a few.

This reliable guide can help you in making top-down investment decisions specifically for the Utilities sector. Fisher Investments reviews what Utilities industries and sub-industries are likelier to do best, how to determine better times to invest in Utilities, and how individual stocks can benefit in various environments. The global Utilities sector is complex, covering many sub-industries and countries with unique characteristics. Using the framework detailed in this book, you can learn to be better equipped to identify their differences, spot opportunities, and avoid major pitfalls.

Given the vast market landscape and diverse geographic operations, it is vital to maintain a global perspective when investing in the Utilities sector. In this invaluable resource, Fisher Investments reviews the tools that can help you understand and analyze opportunities both in the US and abroad within this sector.