Investment Sector Guides: The Fisher Investments On Series

The Fisher Investments On series is designed to provide investors at all levels the tools necessary to understand and effectively participate in primary investment sectors. Each guide in the series will be an easily accessible primer to an investment sector—from energy to consumer staples to health care—with in-depth analysis on the economic, political, and geographical forces influencing it. The guides will focus specifically on their respective subjects, but the investment methodology contained within can serve as the basis for analyzing and investing in any global sector.

Fisher Investments on Telecom

By by Fisher Investments, Dan Sinton, Andrew Teufel

Hardcover: 158 pages


Fisher Investments on Telecom explains some of the Telecom industry, including integrated services, wireless services, alternative carriers, and provides a framework for understanding the Telecom sector and tips and tools for security analysis and portfolio management.

Fisher Investments on Financials

By by Fisher Investments, Jarred Kriz, Andrew Teufel

Hardcover: 256 pages


Fisher Investments on Financials provides most levels of investors the tools to understand and analyze investment opportunities. This guide explains some of the sector’s key macro drivers (regulation, interest rates, and credit trends), takes you through the components of the industries within the global Financial sector, offers investment strategies on when and how to be overweight in specific industries within a sector, and much more.

Fisher Investments on Utilities

By by Fisher Investments, Theodore Gilliland, Andrew Teufel

Hardcover: 221 pages


Fisher Investments on Utilities explains some of the key macro drivers in the sector, including regulation, economic cycles, and investor sentiment, provides a framework for understanding the Utilities sector and its industries.

Fisher Investments on Health Care

By by Fisher Investments, Michael Kelly, Andrew Teufel

Hardcover: 206 pages


Fisher Investments on Health Care can help you make more informed decisions within the Health Care sector. It skillfully addresses how to determine optimal times to invest in Health Care stocks and which Health Care industries have the potential to perform well in various environments.

Fisher Investments on Consumer Discretionary

By by Fisher Investments, Erik Renaud, Andrew Teufel

Hardcover: 191 pages


Fisher Investment on Consumer Discretionary is a comprehensive guide to the Consumer Discretionary industry--which includes companies such as auto manufacturers, homebuilders, sports equipment manufacturers, hotel developers and operators, cruise lines, retail websites, and department stores, to name just a few.

Fisher Investments on Technology

By by Fisher Investments, Brendan Erne, Andrew Teufel

Hardcover: 208 pages


Fisher Investments on Technology is a guide to the global Technology sector for investors of all levels. This book is the sixth installment in the Fisher Investments On series of sector guides. With this guide you can learn about the unique challenges of investing in Technology to design investment strategies that are right for you. This book will guide you through the fundamentals of investing in Technology and teach you to identify opportunities in various market conditions.

Fisher Investments on Emerging Markets

By by Fisher Investments, Austin Fraser

Hardcover: 224 pages


Fisher Investments on Emerging Markets is a comprehensive guide to investing in the increasingly relevant Emerging Markets region. With unique insights into the different countries and detailed explanation of the potential pitfalls inherent to investing there, this guide is an informative and educational read for investors of all levels.

Fisher Investments on Industrials

By by Fisher Investments, Andrew Teufel, Matt Schrader

Hardcover: 224 pages


Fisher Investments on Industrials is the fourth installment in the Fisher Investments on series of investing sector guides. This book is a detailed guide to understanding and analyzing investment opportunities within the global Industrials sector. This book can help investors make more informed decisions within the Industrials sector, as it explores industry fundamentals and drivers while identifying potential obstacles.

Fisher Investments on Consumer Staples

By by Fisher Investments, Andrew Teufel, Michael Cannivet

Hardcover: 216 pages


Fisher Investments on Consumer Staples provides a comprehensive guide to investing in food and beverage, tobacco, and household product companies, to name a few. It illustrates how the consumer staples sector is segmented by industries, analyzing their respective macroeconomic drivers and the challenges facing companies within the sector. Similar to other sector guides, it will demonstrate a top-down approach for determining sub-industries with the highest potential to outperform and choosing individual stocks. Appropriate for today’s constantly evolving global marketplace, there is a segment in the book focused on explaining the role of consumer staples products in emerging markets.

Fisher Investments on Materials

By by Fisher Investments, Andrew Teufel, Brad Pyles

Hardcover: 256 pages


Fisher Investments on Materials details the ins and outs of the Materials universe, showing how to analyze and invest in it. Organized into three sections—Getting Started, Materials Details, and Thinking Like a Portfolio Manager—the book covers everything from the sector’s fifteen sub-industries to top-down investment methodology and individual security analysis. Fisher Investments on Materials also provides a five-step process to aid in categorizing major players, intended to help investors determine which have the highest probability of outperforming. Using the framework found here, investors can learn the best way to participate in the global Materials sector while avoiding investing pitfalls.

Fisher Investments on Energy

By by Fisher Investments, Andrew Teufel, Aaron Azelton

Hardcover: 272 pages


Fisher Investments on Energy is designed to help investors make informed decisions within the complex Energy sector. Through a top-down approach, it illustrates how an investor can determine which sub-industries have the potential to outperform and how certain individual stocks may benefit in a variety of environments. It also addresses some challenges of today’s Energy sector, including peak oil and alternative energy. The book is broken into three distinct sections—Getting Started, Energy Details, and Thinking Like a Portfolio Manager—with the goal of enhancing your understanding of the Energy sector and enabling you to make better investment decisions.