Fisher Investments Review of the Primary Investment Sectors

The Fisher Investments on series features the economic sectors, regions, and other components of the global stock market. The goal is to provide individual investors, aspiring investment professionals, and students the tools necessary to understand and analyze investment opportunities—primarily for investing in global stocks.

The series consists of 11 guides. While each guide may give an overview of a specific sector, the basic investment methodology is applicable for analyzing any global sector, regardless of the current macroeconomic environment.

Aaron Anderson of Fisher Investments Review of 25 Years of Ken Fisher’s Forbes Columns

Since 1984, Ken Fisher has been writing his monthly investing column for Forbes magazine. In 2009, Ken Fisher celebrated 25 years of writing his column, “Portfolio Strategy”, for Forbes.

To commemorate this anniversary, Aaron Anderson, Senior Vice President of Research at Fisher Investments, collected the first 25 years of Ken’s columns, and published  The Making a Market Guru: Forbes Presents 25 Years of Ken Fisher. In the book, each column is available, along with commentary from Aaron Anderson.

The book, along with reader's ratings, is available on