Other Fisher Investments Press Books

Other Fisher Investments Press Books
2020 Money

20/20 Money:

See the Markets Clearly, Gain Focus and Invest Better than the Pros
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
June 2009
Hardcover: 288 Pages
ISBN: 978-0-470-28539-8

Having 20/20 investing vision means having the ability to make more money, and that’s the ultimate goal of this book. Most investor mistakes come from blindness about the basic ways markets work and the best strategies used to invest. 20/20 Money is designed to be a set of glasses to help investors see the markets more clearly.

Too many investors are blinded by conventional investing ideas that don’t work. 20/20 Money is about seeing the stock investing landscape clearly—investigating new ideas and challenging widely held conventions. This book is designed to make you think better about your investing choices, not provide a set of investing rules to follow—and we simply cannot be successful investors without gaining an explicit understanding about how our minds and minds of others work. 20/20 Money will delve into some basic strategies for thinking and learning and how those can be applied to better investing. For example, what are the benefits and pitfalls in using logic and theory versus historical market observations? Or how does associative learning help achieve a better perspective?

Wealth is created, not divided—and the more investors can gain the vision needed to make good investments, the more they (and you) can gain for themselves.

Own the World

Own the World:

How Smart Investors Create Global Portfolios
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
March 2009
Hardcover: 224 Pages
ISBN: 978-0-470-28538-1

It’s probably no surprise Americans invest primarily in US stocks. Even the most sophisticated investors remain underexposed to foreign equities based on misperceptions about the risks inherent in foreign stocks. In reality, much of this is driven by lack of knowledge and experience in foreign markets. The idea that investment options are limited by borders is antiquated and can be detrimental to investing in today’s global markets. Fact is US equity markets make-up less than half of world markets. This means many are limiting themselves to a small pool of investment opportunities.

Global investing is quickly becoming a necessity for every investor, and new tools and information are making it easier than ever before. Own the World introduces readers to the vast advantages of seeking investment opportunities globally and provides the tools necessary to build a global portfolio. It also educates readers on the fundamental characteristics of foreign markets, how to analyze them and how to gain exposure to them. It also shows how to avoid common pitfalls. Own the World is an essential addition to any investor’s library and will help readers invest confidently in global markets and optimize overall investment results.